Our Mission

The Ryan Home Project seeks to provide a stable and safe home environment for unaccompanied teens in MSAD 60, which will allow them to stay in school and access the support services necessary for success.


Sue Austin – President
Paul Andrade – Vice President
Rebecca Manning – Secretary
Edie Cole – Treasurer


Campbell Badger
Heidi Early-Hersey
Kristen Hobbs
Ron Robert
Dan Baker

A common story...

“Josie is a pleasant and positive 16-year-old girl who is just like the other students in her classes. She is maintaining her school work but is having difficulty with attendance and homework completion and there is a reason for that, one that is beyond the typical teenage issues around motivation and procrastination.

Josie was escorted into my office on a Friday morning by a caring staff member. She was anxious and uncomfortable. She had not met me before and here she was having to discuss with me her home situation. Josie and I sat down and I asked what I could do to help her… she stated flatly that she had no place to go that evening. Her parents were divorced, mom was no longer welcoming her home and her father did not have a place of his own where she could stay. She had no options and asked me if there was anything I could recommend to her.

I am the homeless liaison in our district and this conversation seemed to be happening more and more frequently with students aged 14 and up. I had a similar conversation with a young man just the day before.

I helped Josie problem solve some of the issues facing her and we worked through, with the help of our guidance counselors, her teachers and our administrative assistants, a very short-term solution to her dilemma. But this is a problem that is facing our youth all too regularly and there are not enough options for students to be in a safe and supportive living situation. What can we do to change this?”
Homeless Liaison

Like most communities throughout Maine, we are seeing an increased need for family and youth housing in our district. There are a variety of reasons why the situations are occurring; from the number of social services that are being cut due to state-level funding issues to the increased concerns around instability and substance abuse in families.

On any given day there are children in the MSAD 60 community who have no place to call home. They may be staying short-term with family members, sleeping on a friend’s couch, or living in a shelter. This problem is particularly challenging for teens, who are often not welcome in family shelters. Often the family structure is broken and teens are left without support.

When children are homeless they face hunger, sleeplessness, lack of access to healthcare, inadequate clothing, transportation challenges, and potentially unsafe environments. All of these factors have a profound negative impact on school attendance and success. 

MSAD 60 has always been forward-thinking in providing families with opportunities and has gone the extra mile to support students as they navigate their ever-changing worlds.

They currently have a partnership with the North Berwick Food Pantry, have developed a clothes closet open to any resident of the district, have a health center at Noble High School that is in partnership with Nasson Health Services (a federally qualified health center) in Sanford, and a myriad of other supports all aimed at providing students with equal access to quality education. Now MSAD 60 is joining forces with The Ryan House Project to address the need for stable housing for those students who do not have that benefit.

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How You Can Help:

  • Make a one-time financial contribution to support the Ryan House Project Services in terms of staffing and supplies
  • Become a monthly or annual donor
  • Get involved and help spread the word about this project
  • Volunteer your time as respite care and/or supportive services (ie. counseling, recreation, career advisement, mentoring, etc).
  • Help provide transportation for students